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22 Mar

Reopening 2021

Who would have ever thought our doors would be closed this long?! But don't loose faith we are busy planning to reopen very soon.

Since January we have been battling with supplies due to Brexit. For example our Preserve Jars come from Germany but are owned by a UK company which had ceased trading until March. Not good news considering I had ordered thousands of new labels from our Dublin printers in December! Our Northern Europe home & garden ware suppliers are also tackling fright issues. They would usually freight our orders across the Uk which no longer a viable route. So the search for new & unique wares continues... But its not all doom & gloom, we do have some fabulous new  landing every week.

With the count down on for reopening, everywhere is getting a sprucing up & we will be positively gleaming when we do reopen!!!! Why not sign up to or newsletter to find out first when we will reopen.

We simply cannot wait to see you all in The Old Yard again very soon


(Also note to anyone who purchased Gift Vouchers please don't worry about Dates - we will gladly honour any gift voucher you have or may have gifted). 

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